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Integrated Wi-Fi Access Point

The FortiAP series supports the latest 802.11ac technology. Some features include:

  • Integration with other Fortinet products, such as the FortiAnalyzer

  • Fast roaming

  • Layer 7 application control for applications and bandwith usage


This series has a broad range secure access swtiches that is centralized for ease of management. Some features include:

  • Authenicating the users on the network

  • Increasing productivity with faster network access on dedicated Gigabit Ethernet ports

  • Deploying wireless Access Points and IP phones on the network


This product from Fortinet that centralizes logging, reporting and analyzing your network. It is useful for forensics, auditing on suspicious activities, network event correlation, and exporting detailed reports.

Some of the features include:

  • FortiView Summary - for users, applications, websites, threats, VPN usage

  • Traffic Summary Reports - analyze security profile and traffic/bandwith patterns

  • Event Management - raise and monitor important events for the IT Administrator 

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