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Endpoint Security

This award-winning, light footprint malware protection is a great tool to detect and eliminate threats on each workstation as it includes:

  • Antimalware protection

  • Anti-phishing

  • Exploit blocker

  • AntispamHost intrusion prevention

File Security

Available for Windows and Linux.

Keep your network clean - The ESET File Security has a low footprint while maintaining fast scanning with high accuracy detection. 


Safely encrypt files and messages for confiendential information, whether it be on the server, laptop, USB, or emails.

What you need to know about Encrytion:

  • Confidential data is under attack on many fronts

  • Technology that renders files and message is practically unreadable unless you have the key

What if these scenarios happen:

  • Office gets broken into 

  • Laptop left in a cab

  • USB stick drops and gets lost on the streets

​It is strong and easy to use, and most of all, can save your data!

Secure Authentication

ESET Two-Factor Authentication provides extra data protection against security breaches. There is no extra hardware, as the code is generated on a mobile phone or tablet. A simple tool can help businesses comply with industry regulations. 

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Ask us about trials and demos on these ESET items and more! ESET also has a blog on security news:  http://www.welivesecurity.com/