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About Us

Who we are

At GDL Technologies Ltd, we focus on bringing efficient solutions to you. When you have more time to yourself and to your family, then we have done our job. As we operate out of Vancouver, BC, we are able to support you when you need us locally. Our fast-acting team is able to help on demand. 

With over 20 years of combined experience in the Information Technology industry, we are confident in offering secure and quality service and products. We take pride in managing solutions to help your business succeed. Some areas of professional sector we support include Medical, Engineering, Government, Legal, Insurance, Architecture, Accounting, Telecommunications, and Transportation.

How we work ties strongly to our values at GDL Technologies Ltd. We believe in making strong connections with the people we work with. We make sure to make our presence in the office to add the human-touch to the IT tasks.


How we can help


We are proactive to address the IT issues before they become a problem to the users. The technological performance is a vital role in running today’s businesses, and our goal is to reduce your IT complications and downtime to help your business move forward. We have comprehensive and customizable packages to cover your needs.

From the Managed Services to providing the tools such as hardware and software licensing, we cover it all. Think of GDL as a one-stop-shop for IT goods and services.


About Us